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Why You Need To Stop Trying To “Fix” Them

You’ve finally found the one. Your heart pounds outside of your chest whenever they’re near, and it’s as if someone has shed a light that you’ve been searching for quite some time now! They’re perfect. Your playlists subsequently turn into perfect love songs, and…

What It’s Like Moving Half-Way Across the Country At 18

I remember my mom telling me stories about how she would come home from work only to hear the sound of a six-year-old me stomping around the kitchen in her high heels that barely fit around my feet. Ever since I was a little…

The Difference Between “Let It Go” and “Letting Go”

LET IT GO: You know when someone does or says something that completely ruins your whole day? Whether it’s your colleague, best friend, spouse, or parent, we’ve all been there. Your blood is boiling. You find it difficult to concentrate at work. When you…

5 Tips For Better Skin

According to statistics, 80% of people ages 11-30 have had problems with their skin; ie. breakouts, oiliness, dryness etc. at one point in their lives. It’s not fun to deal with, and can majorly effect anyone’s self-esteem! I’m currently attending school in the field…

The Time I Stole My Friend’s Man

Everything was perfect. I had just made a new friend in the school I was attending at the time. Before I knew it, we were taking road trips to her beautiful house that was a few hours outside of LA. Music blasting, sunsets setting,…

Thinking About Getting A Brazilian Wax? Here’s What You Should Know

Disclaimer!! – If anyone is shy or leans more on the prude side when it comes to talking about the body, this one probably isn’t for you. I could easily talk all day about subjects like this, but I’ll try to keep it short…

The Goldfish With Purple Sprinkles

I grew up in a strong Christian home. At the age of four I was in love with God so much so that I would walk up to any stranger and ask, “Do you love Jesus?” I grew up with the understanding that God…

Like. A. Boss.

Care for your skin, because you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life. ~ Xo, Rachel.

Cheers, To New Beginnings

Well, here’s to a brand new year. Whip out a sheet mask, raise your champagne glass, and thank GOD that 2018 is finally over. We’re already on our second month and it just keeps on going faster than ever! With a new year comes…

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